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From the Chiefs Office,

The Eaton's Neck Fire Department is proud to provide fire/rescue services to our community. The department is made up of residents with regular full time jobs who give their time selflessly to protect our lives and property 7x24x365 days a year. As soon the alarm sounds we are on the job. Our Members - your neighbors - drop whatever they are doing regardless of the time of day, holiday, family event or weather and respond to the needs of the community.  

Training is a significant commitment especially on our EMT crew.  Maintaining your NY State EMT Licence requires more than 150 hours of classroom and hands-on training every three years; Advanced Life Support (ALS) requires upwards of 225.  

On the firematic side we drill on average of three times a month.  Our drills focus on fire suppression tactics and strategy as well as community awareness specific to major renovations & new construction that impact our approach in the event of a fire or emergency.  

Below is a summary of our activity for 2013 highlighting the commitment each and every member demonstrates on a regular basis.
17  Fires
56  Rescue/Ambulance
35  Drills
39  Meetings
09  Standbys (in house and neighboring departments)
127 Training (emt, firematic, osha)

We currently have a total of 50 Members and are always looking for more.  The following in a breakdown of our membership:

22 Interior Firefighters
17 Exterior Firefighter
11 EMT - B
03 EMT Advanced Life Support/Critical Care
06 EMT in Training

The Chiefs & members of the Eaton's Neck Fire Department thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you in 2014! 

Richard P. Rizzuti 
Second Assistant Chief 
Eaton's Neck Fire Department




Mission Statement

Saving Life and property from loss by fire or other emergency which may endanger the welfare of any person or persons in the area of this department's fire protection jurisdiction.

For fifty six years members of the Eaton's Neck Fire Department have sacrificed countless hours on training and calls to provide the highest level of service, safety and security to the residents of Eaton's Neck.  Our community is a special place of close knit neighbors and friends. In the Eaton's Neck Fire Department Members work to improve the quality of life and support our community at large. From the beginning fifty years ago until today the central force of the Eaton's Neck Fire Department has been  "The Volunteer!"


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